Rob's Gourmet Pasta Sauce
Rob's Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Rob’s Story – My Label Speaks for Itself

Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce was created in 2001 as an original East Coast Italian Style sauce recipe with the flavor of Japan.

I tried various spices and different combinations of dried ingredients. I discovered that Japanese Shitake Mushrooms, gluten free Japanese Soy Sauce, and dried Japanese Hot Peppers gave my sauce a unique taste that definitely satisfies with a mellow flavor different from any other sauce! You simply must try it and see for yourself.

Enjoy Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce, made with 27 natural ingredients, with chicken, meatballs, sausage, pizza, or straight over pasta. Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce is the Taste of Italy with the Flavor of Japan.

Enjoy my pasta sauce!


Robs's Gourmet Pasta Sauce - Meet Rob!