Grilled Steelhead Salmon


3 Pieces of Steelhead Salmon (approximately 6 ounces each)
2 Cups of Nishiki Japanes rice
2 Tablespoons Japanese sake
1 jar of Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Rob's Gourmet Pasta Sauce - Grilled Steelhead Salmon


Heat a skillet to medium heat
Wash and pat dry the 3 pieces of Steelhead Salmon
Place the salmon in the skillet and cook 8 minutes per side until the color is pink/red color
Steam 2 cups of Nishiki Japanese rice with 2 tablespoons of Japanese sake – 15 to 20 minutes
In a separate sauce pan, simmer 1 jar of Rob’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce for 10 minutes on low heat
When the salmon is cooked, place on serving dish with the sauce and rice on the side
Complete the meal with a fresh garden salad of tomatoes, olives (green or black), and some vadalia onions. Add a nice cold glass of white wine to compliment the salmon.